Experiencing the Root Culture of Chongqing City

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Report on the Study Tour of "Access the Root Culture of Chongqing City" Activity Organized by the Faculty of Education SWU

The immersive study tour, "Access the Root Culture of Chongqing City", was a collaborative initiative by the Faculty of Education of Southwest University and the Asia-America-Europe Cultural Exchange and Development Center on Dec.23th, 2023. The primary objective was to provide international students with an in-depth understanding of and foster friendships with the Chongqing generation, delving into the cultural tapestry of the region, and enhance the understanding of and friendship with the Chongqing people.

The study tour offers visits of Huguang Guild Hall, Chongqing Geographical Name Culture Exhibition, Xiling Seal Society and the historic preservation building Li Yaoting Mansion. Huguang Guild Hall was like walking into a living history book. The interpreters' engaging stories and beautiful buildings gave us a profound understanding of Chongqing's rich history, and a hands-on experience allowed us to have Han-style dresses, providing a tangible connection to the historical attire. We, international students, were all amazed by the city's historical significance after being taken back in time by the lively performances and the fine details inside the hall.

The Chongqing Geographical Name Culture Exhibition, with the creative display of the deep integration of place name culture and scientific and technological experience which exploring the unique regional culture and Bayu culture from another view. An international student Djatmiko said, “The Yangzi River not only shaped the physical landscape but also influenced the city's economic activities. The historical context revealed that Chongqing's prosperity wasn't merely confined to economic endeavors in Silk road. The bustling trade activities fostered a vibrant cultural exchange, with people from diverse backgrounds converging on the city to engage in commerce and share their cultural influences.

                                                                                      Photo by Li Xueyin

The study tour continued to Xiling Seal Society, where students delved into the artistry of Chinese seals, a skill passed down through generations.



Photo by Wang Xue

Li Yaoting Mansion's graceful design and calm atmosphere offered a much-needed change. A peaceful paradise was created by the beautifully kept tasteful fusion of conventional and natural materials. Students engaged in an immersive experience of Chinese calligraphy and painting, led by the esteemed Chongqing artist, Ms. Zhang Zhenrong, the vice president of Chongqing Kaiming Chinese Painting Academy.

                                                                                Photo by Wang Xue

At last, the activity was finished in open-air dinner at Li Yaoting Mansion Square. The evening was enriched with the vibrancy of Face-off in Sichuan Opera, further immersing students in the local cultural milieu. Chongqing mutton soup pot, Wanzhou grilled fish, and traditional Chinese Jiaozi were prepared for the dinner in winter solstice night; cookies and drinks were also available for Muslim students. And after that, students’ singing and dancing enjoyed everyone and made them feel like home. What an unforgettable activity!

The study tour achieving its overarching goal of providing international students from Southwest University with a profound and multifaceted understanding of Chongqing's cultural roots. The collaborative efforts between Southwest University and the Asia-America-Europe Cultural Exchange and Development Center facilitated a cultural exchange that transcended borders, fostering enduring friendships and enriching the educational experience for all students. This immersive journey into Chongqing's cultural heritage will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the international students, nurturing a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of traditions that define this vibrant city.

撰稿:Djatmiko 赵迷酷Sadia Irfan




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